Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Mixes (again)

Um for some reason I can't quite fathom the Mix Megapost I wrote a while ago disappeared about a week after it was published. I really can't be bothered to write the reviews for all of them again (it took most of a day to set that particular post up and I'm pretty annoyed that it's gone), but I'm going to repost the links. Suffice to say that while they're a pretty odd range of mixes, I really enjoy all of them.

Chase And Status - Essential Mix Live @ BBC Radio1 09/08/2008
Go here for track listing.

Erol Alkan - Erol Alkan Live At Global Gathering, July 2007
Go here for track listing.

Björk - @ The Breezeblock 31/03/1998

Surkin - Mini Mix April 25

Calvertron - April Mix

DJ Todos - Kilchurn Session III
Go here for track listing and more excellent mixes by DJ Todos.

Justice - Fabric Rejected Mix
Go here for track listing. Also look around, it's a good website.

Alex XXXChange - Shilo Presents: We Make It Good Mix Series Vol. 4
Track listing's there as well, and take a look around the site, it's a favourite of mine.

Hervé - Ghetto Bass Minimix


Erol Alkan - A Bugged In Mix
Track listing's in here.

Squatter - Toast Is Awesome Mix
Track listing's there too.

Calvertron - Christmas Mix

Right, so hopefully this won't go astray. If something's here and it shouldn't be, email me at and I'll happily remove it.

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